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  • 21st Century Aid: Recognising success and tackling failure / Burnley, Jasmine. 2010. (Oxfam)
  • 21st Century Debt Relief / Culey, Carolyn||Kirkbride, Mary. 2001. (Oxfam)
  • Tackling Corruption: Lessons from Oxfam's work / Emmett, Bethan. 2008. (Oxfam)
  • Taking Stock for the Future: The Southern Caucasus at a Crossroads 2004. (Oxfam)
  • Taking the long view: Transforming the way community water management is viewed and conducted in northern Kenya / McSorley, Brian. 2013. (Oxfam)
  • Talking Land: The need for national frameworks and local strategies / Bright, David. 2014. (Oxfam)
  • Targeting Poor People: Rebuilding lives after the tsunami / Saunders, Julia. 2005. (Oxfam)
  • Targeting Small Arms / Saunders, Julia. 2003. (Oxfam)
  • Tax Havens: Releasing the hidden billions for poverty eradication 2000. (Oxfam)
  • Taxation in Paraguay: Marginalization of small-scale farming / Itriago, Déborah. 2012. (Oxfam)
  • Thailand: American Bullying Puts Pharmaceutical Company Profits before the Health of Millions 2006. (Oxfam)
  • The Yemen cash transfer programme: How Oxfam used social welfare fund lists and the Post Office system to distribute funds and rebuild donor trust / Whitehead, James. 2013. (Oxfam)
  • Think Big Go Small: Adapting business models to incorporate smallholders into supply chains / Bright, David||Seville, Don. 2010. (Oxfam)
  • Time for a Tobin Tax? Some practical and political arguments / Stecher, Heinz||Bailey, Michael. 1999. (Oxfam)
  • Time is Now: Building a human economy for Africa / Lawson, Max||Pearce, Oliver. 2016. (Oxfam)
  • Time is Now: How world leaders should respond to the food price crisis / Fraser, Arabella||Mousseau, Frederic. 2008. (Oxfam)
  • Time's Bitter Flood: Trends in the number of reported natural disasters / Jennings, Steve. 2011. (Oxfam)
  • Tipping the Balance: Policies to shape agricultural investments and markets in favour of small-scale farmers / Vorley, Bill||Cotula, Lorenzo||Chan, Man-Kwun. 2012. (Oxfam)
  • Too Little, Too Slow: Why more must be done to assist Pakistan's displaced millions / Azad, Arif||Chughtai, Shaheen. 2009. (Oxfam)
  • Tough UK Arms Controls / Duckworth, Beverley||Culey, Carolyn. 2000. (Oxfam)
  • Towards a Fair and Just Fiscal Policy in Pakistan / Ahmed, Vaqar||Talpur, Mustafa||Liaqa, Sadaf. 2015. (Oxfam)
  • Towards Durable Solutions for Displaced Ivoirians / Bausson, Gaelle. 2011. (Oxfam)
  • Towards Ending Violence Against Women in South Asia / Mehta, Mona. 2004. (Oxfam)
  • Trade Trap / Coote, Belinda||LeQuesne, Caroline. 1992. (Oxfam)
  • Trading Away Access to Medicines - Revisited: How the European trade agenda continues to undermine access to medicines / Bloemen, Sophie||Mellema, Tessel||Bodeux, Leila. 2014. (Oxfam)

1 to 25 of 41

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