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  • Dangerous Delay: The cost of late response to early warnings in the 2011 drought in the Horn of Africa / Hillier, Debbie||Dempsey, Benedict. 2012. (Oxfam)
  • Dangerous Diversion: Will the IFC's flagship health PPP bankrupt Lesotho's Ministry of Health? / Marriott, Anna. 2014. (Oxfam)
  • Dare to Lead: Public health and company wealth 2001. (Oxfam)
  • Death on the Doorstep of the Summit / Lawson, Max. 2002. (Oxfam)
  • Debt Relief and the HIV/AIDS Crisis in Africa: Does the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) initiative go far enough? / Watkins, Kevin. 2002. (Oxfam)
  • Debt Relief for Rwanda: An opportunity for peacebuilding and reconstruction 1999. (Oxfam)
  • Debt Relief for Tanzania: An opportunity for a better future 1998. (Oxfam)
  • Debt Relief: Still failing the poor 2001. (Oxfam)
  • Dedicated Lives: Women organising for a fairer world / O'Connell, Helen. 1993. (Oxfam)
  • Deepening Democracy in Myanmar: What role for public financial management in deepening social accountability and promoting legitimate governance? / Burnley, Jasmine||Donnelly, Thomas. 2015. (Oxfam)
  • Delicious, Disgusting, Dangerous: Eating in a time of food price volatility / Hossain, Naomi||King, Richard||Wanjiku Kelbert, Alexandra||Scott-Villiers, Patta||Chisholm, Nick. 2015. (Oxfam)
  • Delivering Prosperity in Myanmar's Dryzone: Lessons from Mandalay and Magwe on realizing the economic potential of small-scale farmers / Thorpe, Jodie. 2014. (Oxfam)
  • Delivering the Agenda: Addressing chronic underdevelopment in Kenya's arid lands / Kirkbride, Mary. 2006. (Oxfam)
  • Developing and Managing Community Water Supplies / Davis, Jan||Garvey, Gerry||Wood, Michael. 1993. (Oxfam)
  • Development and Agroforestry: Scaling up the impacts of research / Franzel, Steven||Cooper, Peter||Denning, Glenn L||Eade, Deborah. 2002. (Oxfam)
  • Development and Culture / Verhelst, Thierry||Tyndale, Wendy. 2002. (Oxfam)
  • Development and Patronage / Tegegn, Melakou. 1997. (Oxfam)
  • Development and Rights / Manji, Firoze. 1998. (Oxfam)
  • Development and Social Action / Kothari, Miloon. 1999. (Oxfam)
  • Development and Social Diversity / Anderson, Mary. 1996. (Oxfam)
  • Development Finance and Inequality: Good practice in Ecuador, Rwanda and Thailand / Unternaehrer, Cecile. 2013. (Oxfam)
  • Development for Health: Selected articles from Development in Practice / Hill, Eleanor. 1997. (Oxfam)
  • Development Impact and You: Practical tools to trigger and support social innovation 2014. (Oxfam)
  • Development in Conflict: The Gender Dimension / El-Bushra, Judy||Lopez, Eugenia Piza. 1999. (Oxfam)
  • Development in States of War: Selected articles from Development in Practice / Commins, Stephen. 1996. (Oxfam)

1 to 25 of 52

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