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  • 'Right' Results: Making sure the results agenda remains committed to poverty reduction / Ahmad, Tariq. 2011. (Oxfam)
  • Raising Her Voice Global Programme / Green, Duncan. 2015. (Oxfam)
  • Raising Her Voice Nepal Programme / Green, Duncan. 2015. (Oxfam)
  • Raising Her Voice Pakistan Programme / Green, Duncan. 2015. (Oxfam)
  • Raising Her Voice: The power to persuade / Repila, Jacky. 2013. (Oxfam)
  • Raising Voices: Training for empowerment for women experiencing poverty in Britain / Smith, Sue. 2008. (Oxfam)
  • Raw Deal for Rice under DRCAFTA: How the Free Trade Agreement threatens the livelihoods of Central American farmers / Galián, Carlos. 2004. (Oxfam)
  • Reading for Ourselves / Crowley, Sarah. 1993. (Oxfam)
  • Ready or Not: Pakistan's resilience to disasters one year on from the floods / Azad, Arif||McElhinney, Helen. 2011. (Oxfam)
  • Rebuilding a More Resilient Nepal: Key recommendations for reconstruction and recovery / Jackson, Ruth. 2015. (Oxfam)
  • Rebuilding Communities in a Refugee Settlement: A casebook from Uganda / Payne, Lina. 1998. (Oxfam)
  • Rebuilding Fishing Communities and Fisheries: Post-Haiyan Reconstruction in the Philippines / Mayo Anda, Grizelda. 2014. (Oxfam)
  • Rebuilding Gaza: Putting people before politics / Hamood, Sara. 2009. (Oxfam)
  • Recipe for Disaster: Will the Doha Round fail to deliver for development? / Barry, Amy. 2006. (Oxfam)
  • Reconstructing Haiti / Ansari, Aimee. 2010. (Oxfam)
  • Red, White, and Green: Transforming US Biofuels (1. Worldwatch Report #180) 2009. (Worldwatch Institute)
  • Reducing Risk: Participatory teaming activities for disaster mitigation in Southern Africa / von Kotze, Astrid||Holloway, Ailsa. 1996. (Oxfam)
  • Reforming World Trade: The social and environmental priorities / LeQuesne, Caroline. 1996. (Oxfam)
  • Refugee Perceptions Study: Za'atari camp and host communities in Jordan / Serrato, Bryant Castro. 2014. (Oxfam)
  • Registration in Emergencies / Mitchell, John||Slim, Hugo. 1990. (Oxfam)
  • Regulating Weapons Deals: The case for European controls on arms brokers / Saunders, Julia. 2003. (Oxfam)
  • Relationships between recovery and relapse, and default and repeated episodes of default in the management of acute malnutrition in children in humanitarian emergencies: A systematic review protocol / Akparibo, Robert||Lee, Andrew||Booth, Andrew||Harris, Janet||Woods, Helen||Blank, Lindsay||Holdsworth, Michelle. 2016. (Oxfam)
  • Rescuing Education for All: How reform of the Fast Track Initiative should lead to a Global Fund for Education / Malouf, Katie. 2010. (Oxfam)
  • Researching Human Interest Stories / Scott, Lara. 2012. (Oxfam)
  • Resettlement of Refugees from Syria: Increased commitments needed from international community in Geneva 2014. (Oxfam)

1 to 25 of 59

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