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  • Pa Kite M Deyo! Don't Leave Me Out! Haitian women demand their right to participate in public affairs / van Wetering, Kristie. 2008. (Oxfam)
  • Pakistan Floods Progress Report July 2010 / July 2011 / Davies, Lucy. 2011. (Oxfam)
  • Pakistan: Tradition and change / Mumtaz, Khawar||Mitha, Yameema. 2003. (Oxfam)
  • Palestinian Refugees and Unrwa 1999. (Oxfam)
  • Participatory Capacity and Vulnerability Analysis: A practitioner's guide / Marilise Turnbull||Edward Turvill. 2012. (Oxfam)
  • Partnership or Power Play? How Europe should bring development into its trade deals with African, Caribbean, and Pacific countries / Jones, Emily. 2008. (Oxfam)
  • Pastoral Development Planning / Prior, Julian. 1994. (Oxfam)
  • Pastoral Livelihoods in Danger: Cattle disease, drought, and wildlife conservation in Mursiland, south-western Ethiopia / Turton, David. 1995. (Oxfam)
  • Patent Injustice: How world trade rules threaten the health of poor people 2001. (Oxfam)
  • Patents Versus Patients: Five years after the Doha Declaration / Malpani, Rohit||Kamal-Yanni, Mohga. 2006. (Oxfam)
  • Paying for Health: Poverty and structural adjustment in Zimbabwe / Lennock, Jean. 1994. (Oxfam)
  • Paying for People: Financing the skilled workers needed to deliver health and education services for all / Noel, Tom. 2007. (Oxfam)
  • Paying the Price: Why rich countries must invest now in a war on poverty / Emmett, Bethan. 2005. (Oxfam)
  • People Before Cows: Setting the Standards for Cancun 2003. (Oxfam)
  • People-Centred Resilience: Working with vulnerable farmers towards climate change adaptation and food security / Siedenburg, Jules||Pfeifer, Kimberly||Hauser, Kelly. 2009. (Oxfam)
  • Perfect Storm: Economic stagnation, the rising cost of living, public spending cuts, and the impact on UK poverty / Haddad, Moussa. 2012. (Oxfam)
  • Perspectives on Pastoral Development: A casebook from Kenya / Birch, Isobel||Shuria, Halima A O. 2001. (Oxfam)
  • Peru / Crabtree, John. 2002. (Oxfam)
  • Philippines: Debt and Poverty / Pineda-Ofreneo, Rosalinda. 1991. (Oxfam)
  • Philippines: In Search of Justice / Pye-Smith, Charlie. 1997. (Oxfam)
  • Picture of Poverty / Thomas, Harford. 1979. (Oxfam)
  • Pictures of Oxfam: 50 years for a fairer world / Stamp, Elizabeth. 1992. (Oxfam)
  • Piecing It All Together: Why the Arms Trade Treaty must regulate parts and components for weapons and military equipment / Butcher, Martin||BasuRay, Deepayan. 2012. (Oxfam)
  • Piecing Together the Jigsaw: Prospects for improved social relations after the armed conflict in northern Mali / Allegrozzi, Ilaria||Ford, Elise. 2013. (Oxfam)
  • Place at the Table: Safeguarding women's rights in Afghanistan / Hancock, Louise||Nemat, Orzala Ashraf. 2011. (Oxfam)

1 to 25 of 88

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